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    1. able 能够;有能力的
    Mother is much better now, she's able to get round a bit more.
    2. about 大约;到处;关于;在各处;
    I know an old song about love.
    3. accept 接受
    Which of these should we accept?
    4. across 横过;穿过
    He waded across the stream.
    5. act 表演,扮演(角色);演出,行动
    He did not act upon my order.
    6. action 行动
    Say it with action.
    7. after 在后;后来,在……之后;在……后面
    We will discuss that matter after lunch.
    8. again 再一次;再,又
    We talked about that subject again.
    9. against 对着,反对
    Are you against it or for it?
    10. age 年龄;时代
    He guessed her age.
    11. ago 以前
    He died two months ago.
    12. agree 同意;应允
    I must agree your plans.
    13. air 空气;大气
    We air the bedrooms every day.
    14. all 全部地,总;整
    They were all there except me.
    15. allow 允许,准允
    Allow me to pose several questions.
    16. almost 几乎,差不多
    Almost no one took any rest.
    17. along 向前;和…..在一起;沿着;顺着
    I saw them running together along the road yesterday.
    18. already 已
    Already the round sun was setting.
    19. also 也
    Problems also exist in agriculture.
    20. although 虽然;尽管
    They are generous although they are poor.
    21. always 总是;一直;永远
    Fortune has not always smiled upon me.
    22. among 在……中间;在(三个以上)之间
    She lives in that house among the trees.
    23. and 和;又;而
    She and I disagree about it .
    24. another (三者中的)另一个
    She buddied up with a student from another university.
    25. answer 回答,答复;回信;答案
    How could you answer him so casually?
    你怎能这样随便回答他呢 ?
    26. any 任何的;(用于疑问句、否定句)一些;
    We can overcome any difficulty.
    27. anything 什么事(物);任何事(物)
    She was happy to discuss anything with him.
    28. appear 出现
    The sun appeared on the horizen.
    29. area 面积;地域;区域;范围;领域
    Fire destroyed several houses in the area.
    30. arm 臂,支架
    She touched me on the arm.
    31. around 在周围;在附近
    They love to run around on the playground.
    32. art 艺术,美术;技艺
    He excels in art and music.
    33. as 像……一样;如同;因为,作为,当作
    We selected him as our monitor.

    34. ask 问,询问;请求,要求;邀请
    A little freedom is all I ask.
    35. at 在(几点钟);在(某处)
    Drop me at the next corner.
    36. away 离开;远离
    All his old friends fall away from him.
    37. back 回(原处);向后,后面的,背后;后部;背
    My dress ties at the back.
    38. bad(worse,worst) 坏的;有害的;不利的;严重的
    He has reformed his bad habits.
    39. bank (河、海、湖的)岸,堤;银行
    I bank at the First National.
    40. be(is,am,are,was,were,being,been) 是;成为
    That should be his mother.
    41. beat(beat,beaten) 敲打;跳动;打赢, (音乐)节拍
    I finally beat her in that match.
    42. beautiful 美的,美丽的,美观的
    We have over 30 beautiful designs to select from.
    43. because 因为
    I can't do it now because I am busy.
    44. become(became,become) 变得;成为
    How do you become an artist?
    45. before 在……以前;在……前面, 以前
    I have seen him before.
    46. begin(began,begun) 开始,着手
    In autumn the days begin to draw in.
    47. behind (表示位置)在……后面
    He sat behind me.
    48. believe 相信;认为
    We all believe the story to be true.
    49. between 在(两者)之间,在……中间
    You have your choice between the two.
    在这两个之中, 你有选择权。
    50. big 大的
    They all called her “Big Sister”.
    51. bit 一点,一些,少量
    She took a pear and bit into it.
    52. black 黑色, 黑色的
    He was dressed in black.
    53. blue 蓝色
    He dyed the dress blue.
    54. body 身体
    A hedgehog often contracts its body into a ball.
    55. book 书;本子; 预定,定(房间、车票等)
    The book ended in tragedy.
    56. both 两;双; 两者;双方
    He seemed both angry and disturbed.
    57. boy 男孩
    Who may the boy be?
    58. break(broke,broken) 打破(断、碎);损坏,撕开
    She broke a vase.
    59. bring(brought, brought) 拿来,带来,取来
    Bring the book to me tomorrow.
    60. brother 兄;弟
    He looked to his brother for help.
    61. brown 褐色,棕色; 褐色的,棕色的
    He pored on the girl's lovely and large brown eyes.
    62. build(built,built) 建筑;造
    We have built up our hope.
    63. building 建筑物;房屋;大楼
    It was rebuilt on the site of the old building.
    64. business (本分)工作;职业;生意;交易;事业
    I have lost money by the business.
    65. but 但是;可是, 除了;除…之外
    We cannot choose but(to)stay.
    66. buy(bought,bought) 买
    I bought myself a car.
    67. by 靠近;在…旁边;在…时间;不迟于;被;用;由;乘(车)
    I always go to school by bus.
    68. call 喊;叫;电话,通话, 称呼;呼唤;喊;叫
    I heard someone calling my name.
    69. can 能够;可以;会;(不能), 罐头
    We can and must overcome our shortcomings.
    70. capital 首都;省会;大写;资本
    I remember meeting you one evening at the Capital Theatre.
    71. car 汽车;小卧车
    The battery in my car ran down this evening.
    72. care 照料;保护;小心, 介意…;在乎;关心
    The children should be taken good care of.
    73. carry 拿;搬;带;提;抬;背;抱;运等
    They will carry on their negotiations next week.
    74. cause 原因;起因, 促使;引起;使发生
    A bad tooth can cause acute pain.
    75. centre(美center) 中心,中央
    Our thoughts centre upon one idea.
    76. century 世纪,百年

    He was counted among the greatest writers of the century.
    77. chance 机会,可能性
    He caught at the chance.
    78. change 零钱;找头.改变,变化;更换;兑换
    We cannot change the past.
    79. child(children) 孩子,儿童
    What if anything should happen to the child?
    80. class (学校里的)班;年级;课
    We are in the same class.
    81. clear 清晰的;明亮的;清楚的
    I'm not clear about this matter, so I had better keep quiet.
    82. close 近的;接近的;亲密的,紧密的,严密的
    I'm close with her.
    83. close 关,关闭
    He closed his eyes.
    84. club 俱乐部
    They were out late at the club.
    85. colour(color) 颜色; 给……着色,涂色
    What colour do you want?
    86. come(came,come) 来,来到
    I've come to say good-bye.
    87. company 公司
    Between us we own most of this company.
    88. cost(cost,cost) 值(多少钱);花费; 价格
    It must cost a good deal to live here.
    89. could (can的过去式)可以;(表示许可或请求)可以…,行
    Could you lend me your dictionary?
    90. country 乡下,农村
    I love live incountry.
    91. cover 盖子;罩.; 覆盖,遮盖;掩盖
    She covered her face with her hands.
    92. cup 茶杯
    The cup was taken away by Xiao Li.
    93. cut(cut,cut) 切,剪,削,割
    She cut the meat into small pieces.
    94. daughter 女儿
    May I speak with your daughter?
    95. day 天; 日;白天
    The day draws near.
    96. decide 决定;下决心
    The public must decide.
    97. decision 决定;决心
    He kicked at the decision.
    98. describe 描述,描写
    She describes herself as“ordinary.”
    99. develop (使)发展;(使)发达;(使)发育;冲洗(照片)
    We began to develop a new industrial site.
    100. die 死
    How many people died in the war?
    101. different 不同的,有差异的
    Many different qualities go towards the making of an astronaut.
    102. difficult 难的;艰难的;不易相处的
    I don't know how difficult the task is, but I like to have at it.
    103. director 导演;主任
    The director deliberated for a long time before giving his decision.
    104. do(did,done) 做
    Love me as I do (love) you.
    105. dollar 元(美国、加拿大、澳大利亚等国货币单位)
    You'll have to answer for where every dollar goes.
    106. door 门
    Suddenly my dog spit at the door.
    107. down 沿着,沿……而下, 向下
    He took some guests down to dinner.
    108. draw(drew,drawn) 绘画;绘制;拉,拖;提取(金钱)
    The cart was drawn by a pony.
    109. drive(drove,driven) 驾驶,开(车);驱赶
    The child drove away the flies.
    110. during 在……期问;在……过程中
    He left during the lecture.
    111. each 每人,每个,每件
    He pricked down each item.
    112. early 早的, 早地
    We have the rains in early summer.
    113. east 东方的;东部的;在东方;东方;东部
    The earth turns round from west to east.
    114. easy 容易的;不费力的
    This kind of tractor is easy to start.
    115. eight 八
    He slept eight hours.
    116. eighteen 十八
    The ages of the students of our class range from fifteen to
    117. eighty 八十
    I got an eighty something.
    118. either 两方任一方的;二者之一; 要么……也
    You can apply either personally or in letter.
    119. eleven 十一
    It's already eleven;he must have fallen over.
    120. else 别的,其他的
    Would you like anything else?
    121. end 末尾;终点;结束,
    His death marked the end of an era.
    122. enough 足够的;充分的, 足够地;充分地
    Is there enough time?

    123. even 甚至,连(……都);更
    This applies even more to physics.
    124. ever 曾经;无论何时
    He used me worse than ever.
    125. every 每一,每个的
    We carefully watched every detail of his action.
    126. everything 每件事,事事
    She has a style of her own in everything.
    127. example 例子;榜样
    I'll give you another example.
    128. expect 预料;盼望
    I expect to read the book.
    129. experience 经验;经历
    I know this by experience.
    130. eye 眼睛
    The blow got him in the eye.
    131. face 脸; 面向;面对
    His face scowled at once.
    132. fact 事实,现实
    Her argument is grounded on fact.
    133. fail 失败;不及格;衰退
    The experiment failed.
    134. fall(fell,fallen) 落下;降落;倒, 秋天
    Apples fell from the tree.
    135. family 家庭
    She talked at us about her family life.
    136. father 父亲
    His father flew out to see him in hospital.
    137. fear 害怕;恐惧;担忧
    Fear caused his hair to rise.
    138. feel(felt,felt) 感觉,觉得;摸,触
    I feel no sorry for it at all.
    139. few 不多,少数;不多的,少数的
    Few seats were left.
    140. fifteen 十五
    Pack all the speeches into fifteen minutes.
    141. fifty 五十
    As soon as the bus stopped, more than fifty people tried to crush in.
    142. fight(fought,fought) 打仗;打架;争论
    He fought against despair.
    143. final 最后的;终极的
    You must reserve your strength for the tennis final.
    144. find(found,found) 找到,发现,感到
    He found a few coins in the car.
    145. first 第一, 第一;首次;最初
    You should rip the cover off the box first.
    146. five 五
    We work from nine to five.
    147. fly(flew,flown) (鸟、飞机)飞;(旗子等)飘扬,空运(乘客,货物等);放(风筝等)
    A large bird flew past us.
    148. fly 飞行;苍蝇
    The fly flew away.
    149. follow 跟随;仿效;跟得上
    He followed her up the stairs.
    150. food 食物,食品
    We cannot exist without air, food and water.
    151. foot(pl. feet) 足,脚;英尺
    Can you balance on one foot?
    152. for 为了…;向…,往;与…交换;防备…;适合…;因为…;在…的期间;对于…;对…来说
    She booked me down for next flight.
    153. foreign 外国的
    The foreign students studying in Beijing come from all parts of the world.
    154. form 表格;形式;结构
    We stand out the breakup in any form.
    155. forty 四十
    She can't be more than forty.
    156. four 四
    Take ten drops every four hours.
    157. fourteen 十四
    He’s fourteen.
    158. free 自由的,空闲的;免费的
    We all believe in good,free education for our children.
    159. friend 朋友
    I enjoy a chat with a friend.
    160. from 从;从……起;来自
    This is what I gathered from his speech.
    161. front 前面的;前部的;前面;前部
    The tall man in the front blindfolded me.
    162. full 满的,充满的;完全的
    The room was full of smoke.
    163. future 将来
    We discussed about our future plans.
    164. game 游戏;运动;比赛
    Tell me about the game.
    165. general 大体的;笼统的;总的
    In general, all of these hosts can be different.
    166. get(got,got) 成为;得到;具有;到达
    They get along quite well.
    167. girl 女孩
    Ask that there girl.
    168. give(gave,given) 给;递给;付出;给予
    Now you can give me some advice.
    169. go(went,gone) 去;走
    I let them go out lest I should be bothered.
    170. good(better,best) 好;良好
    What good can they get from this?
    171. government 政府
    She was a woman of high position in the government.
    172. great 伟大的;重要的;好极了
    English poetry is one of their great heritages.
    173. green 绿色的;青的, 绿色
    The walls are green, while the ceiling is white.
    174. ground 地面
    Some leaves fluttered to the ground.
    175. group 组,群
    Put him in our group.
    176. grow(grew,grown) 生长;发育;种植;变成
    Japanese farmers grow rice.
    177. half 半,一半,半个
    Half of the books are novels.
    178. hand 手;指针
    Heave at my hand, I lift you up.
    179. happen (偶然)发生
    Accidents will happen.
    180. hard 努力地;使劲;猛烈地, 硬的;困难的;艰难
    By hard work they made up the loss of time.
    181. have/has(had,had) 有;吃;喝;进行;经受
    I have something to talk with you.
    182. he 他
    He saw you and I.
    183. head 头;头脑(像);才智;首脑;源头;标题
    His head rested on my shoulder.
    184. health 健康,卫生
    We all desire happiness and health.
    185. hear(heard,heard) 听见;听说,得知
    I hear he has come back.
    186. help 帮助,帮忙
    Please help me with the work in the kitchen.
    187. her 她(宾格),她的
    I hate her dog.
    188. here 这里,在这里;向这里
    You are the boss here,Iguess.
    189. herself 她自己

    She cares only for herself.
    190. high 高的;高度的
    They dragged him down from his high position.
    191. him 他(宾格)
    He found someone on him.
    192. himself 他自己
    He misbehaved himself on something.
    193. his 他的
    His mother rode him on her back.
    194. history 历史,历史学
    Her name will be ranked with the names of history.
    195. hit(hit,hit) 打,撞,击中
    She hit him a hard blow.
    196. hold(held,held) 拿;抱;握住;举行;进行
    He always holds a pipe between the teeth.
    197. home 家;回家
    I dropped in on him on my way home.
    198. hope 希望
    I hope he won't come.
    199. hospital 医院
    We rushed him to the hospital.
    200. hour 小时
    I pay them by the hour.
    201. house 房子;住宅
    He should be in my house now.
    202. how 怎样,如何;多少;多么
    How well you look!
    203. however 可是;然而;尽管如此
    However, I have some worries.
    204. human 人的,人类的, 人类
    The accident was caused by human error.
    205. hundred 百
    He came in third in the hundred-meter dash.
    206. husband 丈夫
    My husband joins with me in congratulating you.
    207. I 我
    I have something to talk with you.
    208. idea 主意,意见,打算,想法
    They all ridiculed the idea.
    209. if 如果,假使;是否,是不是
    See if you can go with us.
    210. important 重要的
    They discussed an important matter with her.
    211. in 在……里(内);在……;以……
    He has no say in the matter.
    212. include 包含;包括
    However, the file could include all of the content for the application.
    213. increase 增加;繁殖
    This numeral means a onefold increase in production.
    214. information 信息
    I'm giving you this information for the record.
    我向你提供这个情报, 以供记录在案。
    215. interest 兴趣,趣味;利息
    His report aroused the interest of all.
    216. into 到……里;向内;变成
    The student left the university to go out into the world and find himself.
    217. its 它的
    The child read the story but did not comprehend its meaning.
    218. itself 它自己
    The work itself is easy.
    219. job (一份)工作
    He is the man of all others for the job.
    220. join 参加,加入;连接;会合
    He joined the Party last year.
    221. just 刚才;恰好;不过;仅, 公正的
    I have just one question.
    222. keep(kept,kept) 保持;保存;继续不断
    I'll keep it for a souvenir.
    223. kill 杀死,弄死
    Then, she promised, she would not kill them.
    224. kite 风筝
    She has a blue and green kite.
    225. know(knew,known) 知道,了解;认识;懂得
    I never know such a man.
    226. land 陆地;土地, 登岸(陆);降落
    I felt lonesome in the strange land.
    227. large 大的,巨大的
    The farm was so large that they subdivided it to sell.
    228. last 最近刚过去的;最后的;上一个
    I have not heard from him since writing last.
    自上次写信以后, 我没有接到过他的信。
    229. last 持续
    The close weather will last for some time.
    230. late 晚的,迟的, 晚地,迟地
    Better late than never.
    231. laugh 笑,大笑;嘲笑
    The guests all laughed loudly.
    232. law 法律;法令;定律
    We argued with them about the new law.
    233. leader 领袖;领导人
    As the leader of this office, she can work with everyone.
    234. learn(-ed,-ed/ learnt,learnt) 学,学习,学会
    His son learns fast and well.
    235. leave(left,left) 离开;把……留下,剩下
    She left some of the food for her husband.
    236. let(let,let) 让
    The secretary let me into the office.
    237. letter 信;字母
    She read out the letter to all of us.
    238. life(pl.lives) 生命;生涯;生活;人生;生物
    He based the book on his own life.
    239. like 像;跟……一样
    You look like your father.
    240. like 喜欢;喜爱
    Which do you like best?
    241. line 绳索,线,排,行,线路
    Mother pegs wet clothes on the line.
    242. list 一览表,清单
    I marked out an item in the list.
    243. listen 听,仔细听
    She likes to listen to music in her spare time.
    244. little(less,least) 小的,少的
    I must emphasize the fact that she is only a little girl.
    245. live 生活;居住;
    She didn't know how to live.
    246. live 活着;充满活力的;现场直播的
    Is her father living?
    247. long 长的,远
    It will not take long.
    248. look 看,瞧, 观看, 看起来,当心,小心
    Look to it that you are not late again.
    249. lose(lost,lost) 失去,丢失
    I have lost my dictionary.
    250. lot 许多,好些

    We worked hard to better the lot of the needy.
    251. love 爱;热爱;很喜欢
    Do you doubt that I love you?
    252. low 低;矮
    If we go to low temperature, it might look more like this.
    253. main 主要的
    This is a busy main road.
    254. make(made,made) 制造,做;使得
    This car is made in China.
    255. man(pl.men) 成年男人;人,人类
    When did she take on with that man?
    256. many(more,most) 许多人(事), 许多的
    They lighted the temple with many candles.
    257. market 市场,集市
    The market is quite lively.
    258. match 比赛;竞赛;火柴
    He missed out at the match.
    259. match 使相配;使配对
    If they do not match, you have two options.
    260. matter 物质;材料;事情;(主要用于否定句和疑问句)有关系,要紧
    He has no say in the matter.
    261. may 可以;也许,可能
    It may rain.
    262. me 我(宾格)
    He hate me.
    263. mean(meant,meant) 意思是,意指
    What does this word mean?
    264. meet(met,met) 遇见,见到
    I met an old school friend today.
    265. meeting 会;集会;会见;汇合点
    We all attended the meeting.
    266. member 成员,会员
    She is a member but does not attend regularly.
    267. middle 中间;当中;中级
    The student was out of his depth in discussion on the Middle Ages.
    268. mind 思想;想法, 介意;关心
    He tried to erase the idea from his mind.
    269. minute 分钟;一会儿,瞬间
    The lighthouse flashes signal twice a minute.
    270. Miss 小姐,女士(称呼未婚妇女)
    Miss wang will go to work next week.